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Pro Series FAQ for Parents

My student already practices (or takes lessons). Why would they need Pro Series?

Regular (or "self-guided") practice consists of a student guiding themselves through any number of musical passages. Sometimes students are lucky to have access to weekly private lessons from a qualified instrumental instructor. While this is an ideal situation, students are left with a seven-day gap between their weekly lessons. This often leaves students with little to no reinforcement of the concepts covered by their private teacher. Pro Series constantly builds and reinforces fundamentals, contributing to enormous gains in achievement when combined with private lessons. In addition, Pro Series provides students with the unique opportunity of playing along with an on-screen ensemble. This gives  your student the unique advantage of practicing and performing with a group instead of playing music alone. Now students can practice balance, blend, and intonation from the comfort of your living room.


How does Pro Series give my student an advantage?

Many students want to gain a competitive edge on their instrument for solos, ensembles, and auditions. They want a challenge, especially when it’s clearly-defined and structured. Pro Series provides practice opportunities that allow students to develop self-assessment from the comfort of your home. Many students gain tremendous confidence through Pro Series, feeling secure in the privacy and anonymity of their own practice area.


At what performance level does my student have to be to use Pro Series?

The lessons in Pro Series target students at high school and advanced middle school levels. An ability to read music is required.


What's included in each Pro Series Instrumental Edition?

Each Pro Series set includes the 10 instrument-specific Pro Series DVDs, the protective DVD wallet, the instrument’s full-length Companion Book, and access to the online Community.


How long does Pro Series take to complete?

The standard Pro Series curriculum is presented in a nine-week format. Lessons are split into three-week phases that becoming increasingly challenging as time goes on. New lessons are constantly introduced to provide variety, and each unit provides focus on specific instrumental performance skills.


How does my student use a Pro Series lesson?

Since Pro Series works in any DVD player, your student can simply put in a lesson disc and go. Each lesson is set up with a number of DVD chapter markers which allow the student to hit the "back" button to woodshed a challenging passage. Each exercise is introduced and taught by the host before the on-screen ensemble performs that exercise. Because Pro Series works on their time, students can use the"pause", "rewind", and "back" buttons to revisit the instruction of a particular passage, or to repeat the ensemble performance. Over time, skills are enhanced and confidence develops.


What type of equipment does my student need?

So your student can play along with the on-screen cast, it is important to have a powerful sound system with enough dynamic range to accurately reproduce the volume levels of a real ensemble. For low brass instruments, we strongly recommend utilizing a subwoofer as part of your audio solution. In addition, Pro Series requires a DVD player and TV/monitor, as well as your student’s instrument and music stand. Quick access to volume control is needed to make adjustments to ensure accurate balance with the ensemble.


Why is Pro Series only available on DVD? Why can’t we download or stream it to our laptop or tablet?

Pro Series is an ensemble system that allows your student to play along with professional musicians. This means accurately reproducing the sound quality and volume intensity of a full ensemble—something integrated speakers on laptops and tablets simply cannot do. In addition, these devices have small screens and are filled with distractions. Our team of educators chose DVD technology because they’re already hooked up to the best speakers and the biggest displays. This gives students access to audio with a wide dynamic range and video that clearly demonstrates the nuances of superior instrumental performance.


What is the Disc Replacement Plan?

For up to three years, the Disc Replacement Plan protects your purchase. If one of your Pro Series discs becomes damaged, simply return the damaged disc and we will ship you a replacement for free. This plan includes a maximum of 10 disc replacements in the three-year period. It's very easy to enroll. In fact, you don't really have to do anything. When you purchase Pro Series and choose to add the Disc Replacement Plan, your coverage is integrated with your order history and secured in our system for future use.

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