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Pro Series Director's Edition Bookshelf Case

Bringing balance to the music classroom.

As educators, what do we rarely have a chance to teach during class? A full complement of self-assessment skills to use in personal practice time. We are primarily focused on instructing, evaluating, and consequating through our rehearsal frames. We also know that this may be the only time spent by students on their instruments. Pro Series fills the gap between classroom rehearsal and self-guided practice.

Why don’t most students practice?

Boredom. Aimless playing. Zero reinforcement. To say nothing of even knowing what to practice. In short, there is no immediate payoff for the average player.

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Bridging the gap between rehearsal and self-guided practice.

Pro Series is a video-based practice system designed for high school and advanced middle school student musicians. The system provides students with consistent structure, guidance toward attainable goals, and exciting musical payoffs within each practice session.

You can't be what you can't hear.

If all they hear is the student sitting next to them, how can students internalize a characteristic tone? Pro Series provides practice opportunities that focus attention on personal performance. This develops an instrumentalist's self-awareness. With Pro Series, the student plays along with the on-screen cast of instrumentalists seen on each DVD. Through comparison to these superior performers, students become more attuned to the quality of their playing.

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Some people think the "future" is putting musical content on a computer or tablet. These devices don’t work because they have tiny speakers, small screens, and tons of distractions.

It turns out the best technology for music instruction was right under our noses. Or under our TVs.

DVD players are already hooked up to the best speakers and the biggest displays at home and in the classroom. The result is audio with a wide dynamic range and video that demonstrates the nuances of superior instrumental performance.

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Model sound.

With Pro Series, you have complete access to aural and visual models for each instrument. Pro Series features professors, student performers, and orchestra members.

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Number three

Interactive ensemble.

You don't just watch a Pro Series lesson. You play along with the cast of musicians. Develop balance, blend, and intonation, all in the comfort of your own practice area.

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Great guidance.

Each core lesson features a host-conductor who guides and paces each lesson. Instruction is built on the expert feedback provided by the on-set instrumental educators.

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Designed by educators.

No bureaucrats, no politics, no committees. Pro Series is designed and produced by lifelong classroom band educators and instrument-specific professors.

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Each Pro Series edition contains 10 instrument-specific discs that isolate  fundamentals. When we spend less classroom time teaching the notes on the page, rehearsals become significantly more productive. Pro Series allows educators to optimize rehearsal time because fundamentals are covered outside the classroom.

Everything we want our students to practice when we’re not with them.

Pro Series Disc 1: Watch This First (with Total Scales & Toolkit)

Watch This First

with Total Scales & Toolkit

Pro Series Disc 2: Core Sound

Core Sound

This keystone lesson helps shape the musician’s concept of sound using embouchure-strengthening exercises designed specifically to refine tone quality.

This disc contains everything needed to get started with Pro Series, including the "Total Scales" workouts for all major and minor scales, and the "Toolkit" featuring master class featurettes from our instrument-specific professors.

Pro Series Disc 4: Rhythm & Articulation

Rhythm & Articulation

Pro Series Disc 3: Fundamental Technique

Fundamental Technique

"Fundamental Technique" contains a practical set of methods for conquering technique, dexterity, and range.

Pro Series Disc 5: Dynamics, Scales & Phrasing

Dynamics, Scales & Phrasing

This lesson combines the execution of sophisticated dynamics with the control of precise phrase length—all while cycling through major scales.

By combining increasingly difficult rhythms with varying sets of articulations, this disc, combined with a ton of hard work, helps to develop proficiency in both rhythm and style.

Pro Series Disc 7: Advanced Articulation


Pro Series Disc 6: Sight Reading & Advanced Sight Reading

Sight Reading &
Advanced Sight Reading

Packed with nine increasingly challenging lessons from "The Road Map" to "Transposition/Clef Studies", this disc contains new content for each week of the Pro Series curriculum.

Pro Series Disc 8: Rhythm & Scales Plus

Rhythm & Scales Plus

This lesson contains advanced rhythmic exercises inside of major scales, including syncopation with complex rests, hemiola, 5/8, 7/8, and mid-exercise meter changes.

"Advanced Articulation" pushes the musician to new levels, engaging them in a total tongue and air workout.

Pro Series Disc 10: Rhythm & Articulation Plus
Pro Series Disc 9: Ensemble Musicianship

Ensemble Musicianship

This disc challenges the performer with a variety of instrument-specific exercises that focus on ensemble balance, blend, intonation, and sonority.

Rhythm & Articulation Plus

This lesson raises the ante for all students, teaching a greater refinement of rapidly changing styles through increasingly challenging rhythms.

Structured practice. The way it should be.

The advanced curriculum covers three major phases in a nine-week timeframe. Each phase introduces new lessons throughout the series, so students don’t ever reach performance plateaus. Every Pro Series lesson starts with ensemble long tones. And exercises become more and more challenging as each session goes on.

It's all in the book.

Music isn't crammed onto the screen. Each Pro Series edition comes with its own full-length Companion Book. It features the same part played by the principal member of the on-screen cast. Now students of all levels can finally get to play the melody. And it easily rests on a music stand because it's bound with a heavy-duty coil and printed on substantial paper.

Pro Series Companion Books

Even our special features have special features.

Every Pro Series instrumental edition comes with three expanded collections of engaging content.

Pro Series Total Scales, D Major Segment

Total Scales

Total Scales is a scale workout. It includes five scale-busting exercises for each major and natural minor scale. Build facility throughout each key and become comfortable in even the most unfamiliar scales. The perfect way to prep for an audition.

Flute Pro Series Toolkit, Proper Flute Alignment Segment featuring Professor Kelly Crotts


Each Toolkit includes miniature master classes from expert educators and instrument-specific professors. With a wide range of performance tips, tricks, and maintenance videos, the Toolkit serves as the ultimate go-to for each instrument.

Bassoon Pro Series Sight Reading Segment

Sight Reading

Instead of including one sight reading lesson, each Pro Series instrumental edition includes nine. That's a new lesson every week. From subdivision to transposition, these lessons are the ultimate way to build sight reading skills across all levels.

We're moved by stories of how Pro Series has changed the way people learn, practice, and perform. The response has been incredible.

Student Response Data

We took extraordinary care in testing and validating Pro Series. We collected over 300 direct student responses. The data below represents individuals from a wide variety of schools and performance abilities.

Overall, the lesson...

The instructional material contained in this lesson was...

If I were to attempt this lesson again, my ability to perform the exercises would...

If I had a chance to do another DVD on a different aspect of my instrument, for instance Advanced Articulation or Rhythm & Scales, I would be...

The power to transform your ensembles. The possibilities are built right in.

The Pro Series Director's Edition includes the complete set of Pro Series instrumental editions. Starring a cast of over 120 professional musicians, Pro Series provides the most comprehensive musical instruction ever produced in a contemporary video setting. The system is designed for high school and advanced middle school student performers.

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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    What types of students can use Pro Series?

    Pro Series is designed for instrumentalists at varying levels including high school and advanced middle school students, undergraduate and graduate college students, and professional musicians. Those using Pro Series must be able to read music and possess an intermediate knowledge of performance on their given instrument. Sample pages from the Pro Series Companion Books can be previewed here.


    How long will it take to complete Pro Series?

    The standard Pro Series curriculum spans nine weeks, though students, directors, and private instructors can adjust the pace at any point. New lessons are constantly introduced throughout the curriculum, and core lessons are revisited at strategic points as the system progresses. The full schedule is included inside both the Companion Book and the protective DVD wallet included with each instrument. A breakdown of the Pro Series curriculum can be found here.


    Which sight reading topics are covered as part of the Pro Series curriculum?

    The Pro Series curriculum includes nine sight reading lessons. This means new material is constantly introduced each week. The included sight reading lessons are as follows: (1) The Road Map, (2) Subdivision, (3) Note Heads & Stems, (4) Groupings & Patterns, (5) Presentation of Style, (6) Phrase Interpretation, (7) Transposition/Clef Studies, (8) Musicianship, and (9) Comprehensive Reading.


    What type of equipment do I need?

    Pro Series requires a DVD player, TV/monitor, instrument, music stand, full-range sound system, and quick access to volume control. For ensemble sectionals, we recommend using a larger TV or projection system and a powerful sound system to ensure adequate balance.


    Important note: When playing with the on-screen cast, standard or integrated speakers may not accurately reproduce the lower frequencies produced by the trombone, euphonium, or tuba. Use of a powerful, external sound system is recommended.


    What's included in each Pro Series edition?

    Each instrumental edition includes the 10 Pro Series DVDs for that instrument inside a protective wallet, the full-length Companion Book, and access to the online community.


    The Pro Series Director's Edition includes all of the instrumental editions, meaning the system comes with 100 DVDs and 10 Companion Books featuring over 2,000 guided exercises.


    Why is Pro Series only available on DVD? Why can’t I download or stream it to my laptop or tablet?

    Pro Series is an ensemble system that allows you to play along with professional musicians. This means accurately reproducing the sound quality and volume intensity of a full ensemble—something integrated speakers on laptops and tablets simply cannot do. In addition, these devices have small screens and are filled with distractions.


    Our team of educators chose DVD technology because they’re already hooked up to the best speakers and the biggest displays. This gives students access to audio with a wide dynamic range and video that clearly demonstrates the nuances of superior instrumental performance.


    What discounts are available to directors?

    We are currently running our Spring Sale. Check the Official Store for details! Further discounts are available at the time of purchase for additional instrumental sets and Companion Books.


    I’d like to purchase Pro Series in volume. What discounts are available when purchasing multiple sets?

    Volume pricing is available for music supervisors, private instructors, techniques professors, and other educators who are purchasing multiple sets. Please contact us today for a simple quote.


    What is the Disc Replacement Plan?

    For up to three years, the Disc Replacement Plan protects your purchase. If one of your Pro Series discs becomes damaged, simply return the damaged disc and we will ship you a replacement for free. This plan includes a maximum of 10 disc replacements for individual sets and 30 replacements for Pro Series Director's Edition sets in the three-year period.


    It's very easy to enroll. In fact, you don't really have to do anything. When you purchase Pro Series and choose to add the Disc Replacement Plan, your coverage is integrated with your order history and secured in our system for future use.


    What is the Pro Series return policy?

    You have 30 calendar days to return any Pro Series item from the date you received it. Only items purchased directly from the Pro Series team can be returned to us. Since DVDs can be copied, instrumental editions of Pro Series, the Pro Series Director's Edition, and all other products containing DVDs must be returned unopened. If the product is defective, it can be returned within 30 calendar days with the original packaging. Shipping charges are non-refundable.

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Each instrumental edition includes the 10 Pro Series DVDs for that instrument inside a protective wallet, the full-length Companion Book, and access to the online community. The complete Director's Edition comes with 100 DVDs and 10 Companion Books featuring over 2,000 guided exercises. Included instruments: Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Bassoon, Alto Saxophone, Horn, Trumpet, Trombone, Euphonium (Bass Clef included; Treble Clef available separately), and Tuba.

For more information, visit Pro Series Support.