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Pro Series provides practice opportunities that focus attention on personal performance in a way that develops an instrumentalist's self-awareness. We've been moved by stories of how Pro Series has changed the way people learn, practice, and perform. The response has been incredible.

David Hedgecoth from The Ohio State University
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Educator Feedback

David Hedgecoth, Asst. Professor of Music Education, The Ohio State University

"You might not have tremendous instrumentation, but you might have one really great baritone. This is the kind of resource you can have on your shelf and say ‘We’re only going to play grade threes forever, but you’re a grade five student. Let’s take this for you, and you can run with this, and get even more advanced rather than just sitting in class, playing the same grade three stuff that we are’."

Ron Ellis, Director of Bands, University of Texas at San Antonio

"When you put it in this kind of format, you see nothing but a student wanting to practice more. This is what we all want, and that’s what Pro Series does."

Cynthia Berry, Past President, Florida Bandmasters Association

"When my students tested Pro Series, they had extremely favorable reactions as to how much they learned, how much they were assisted in acquiring that knowledge, and how much their existing skills were supported. Pro Series is an excellent reinforcement for all those musical aspects that we want our students to have—to study—when we are not with them."

Dr. Mark A. Nelson, Tubist and Educator, Director of Bands, Pima Community College

"Each DVD is hosted by Jason Millhouse, an energetic and informative narrator/conductor who leads each concept with short narratives chock full of performance and pedagogy tips...Millhouse sounds hip and energetic and gets the points across quite well and succinctly."

Joseph Kreines, Conductor, Composer, Arranger, Clinician, Accompanist

"Students will progress greatly using this technology because it’s so well-focused on all of the different elements. I feel that the kind of focus that this technology provides makes it easier for them to apprehend what’s being taught. The Pro Series Director's Edition should be on the shelf of every serious band director."

Jack Eaddy, Director of Bands, Oak Ridge High School

"What I liked about my students testing Pro Series is that it wasn’t too difficult and it wasn’t too easy, and it was just really engaging for them to open their eyes and continue to grow."

David Schreier, Assistant Director of Bands, University of Central Florida

"The great thing about Pro Series is that, for each instrument, you have 10 DVDs, and each one focuses on a specific concept. Once you finish the first concept and you go to the next DVD, it takes part of that first concept and integrates it, and builds and builds all the way though the series."

Mike Mitchell, Director of Bands, Lake Mary High School

"I think if it makes kids better, it’s worth using. I see Pro Series as being a very positive thing for the directors to use. Anything that will benefit the kids will benefit the band. And that’s what we’re in this for: to make better kids, better players, and better musicians."

Student Feedback

Student, Winter Springs High School

"I thought the host is very effective in his relaxed appearance and casual mannerisms and instructions. It makes it easier to listen to him and comprehend what he is saying because he is on an "approachable" level and not intimidating. Not only did the host keep my attention, but the animations and style of the lesson were easy to keep attentive to. They reminded me of a television show I would watch with the music and camera angles. Also, the fact that the exercises were based on a quartet and sounded more like music than warm-ups kept the lesson interesting."

Student, Mount Dora High School

"I like the fact that you can easily navigate back to a section to work on it again (something I will probably do for a couple of exercises). Having a snippet played by the first chair before playing as a group helped. Having something were you can easily go back and listen to a few tips at home is definitely a plus. So far I like the system!"

Student, Gaither High School

"It is very helpful for advanced trumpet players. I felt that the material was very hard, however I have been playing trumpet for 4 years. I just wish I had this lesson when I started playing trumpet in middle school. It covers a lot about 'core sound' and is a very good practice tool."

Student, Largo High School

"I really enjoyed the way the instructor explained how to play the music. For example, the way he explained how to hit high octave jumps. He told the watcher to envision a piano player and what a piano player would do to play an octave jump. The piano player would not reach as high as he could to hit the note, he would just move over and play it gracefully. That is how octave jumps should be played on an instrument."

Student, Oviedo High School

"I like that there wasn't just one oboe playing but there was an ensemble. I thought it wouldn't keep my attention but it did and I really got into it! It kept me thinking and trying to improve my playing on certain parts in the music. It also gave me helpful tips to remember every time I play."

Student, Warner Christian Academy

"I think Pro Series is great for intermediate aspiring musicians. I love the ensemble, it helped me out in tuning and blending, all the exercises, and especially the examples and non-examples. The exercises are great: they aren't too challenging or too easy. Although, I do trip up on some things, but then I fix them. I spent like twenty-five extra minutes to do all the exercises with no trip ups! Overall I think the series is great."

Student, Fletcher High School

"After doing this lesson I feel I have made some progress in learning new techniques and I feel like I have improved on my playing skills as well. I really enjoy these lessons because they help me feel more confident about my playing skills and help me find new skills that I did not know about."

Student, Colonial High School

"Very nice! I like the focus on tone quality. I like how the lessons build up in difficulty and how by the last few exercises I actually have to stop and go through some rhythms a few times to perfect them. The conductor is great, he gets across a lot of helpful information while also being enjoyable to listen to."

Student, Oviedo High School

"The instruction is clear and understandable. The style of lessons are ordered well and make sense. The only thing missing was for it all to be live! Overall, Pro Series is a great way to show me what I could do to improve."

Student, Riverview High School

"The lessons proved useful, kept my attention, and gave me something different to think about before I play anything on my instrument whether it's a simple whole note or a technical rhythm."

Student, Lake Brantley High School

"I liked how the instructor put emphasis on accuracy and fast slide movements throughout the lesson because it is very easy to just forget and fall into the habit of playing with a slow slide with a slight glissando, especially if it is a legato piece. I really enjoyed playing in harmony with other trombones as well because that really kept my attention. The host was freaking hilarious if not goofy at times!"

Student, Sandalwood High School

"I really like this. Everything is instructed clearly and gets very challenging with each section. I feel with just that practice I can play much better with a good tone then I did before it. It also sharpened my ears somewhat to listen to the pitch so I could improve my intonation."

Student, Mount Dora High School

"I liked the host's energy, he kept it exciting. I enjoyed playing the more challenging exercises towards the end and applying aspects of the earlier exercises to the more challenging ones. The exercises are effective in accomplishing what they were meant for."

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